TrimFree Insole


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Features & Benefits:

Standing, runs and hikes can be a pain on feet and lower body joints. Not all shoes have the proper support needed to get through the day. A properly supportive insole stabilizes the foot, absorbs impacts and can help prevent pain and joint fatigue.

The Shock Doctor RE+ TrimFree Men’s Insole is specifically engineered for footwear without removable insoles. The TrimFree simply slides in on top of the existing insole.

  • Designed to absorb shock from runs & hikes and constant standing
  • Increased comfort, stability and support
  • Can reduce wear and tear on joints
  • Weighs less than 1.5oz
  • 2mm thin

Packaged in the exclusive reusable Shock Doctor RE+ mesh bag. This bag is great for gear storage

ADULT-MENS 5.0-6.0